Markeeta Marty

Hello there, lovely souls! I'm Markeeta, the heart and soul behind Thriving Flames Wedding & Event Planning. Let me share a little secret with you—I absolutely adore what I do! Hailing from the beautiful state of Missouri, I'm a creative spirit who finds immense joy in curating unforgettable moments that make others smile.

My journey into the world of event planning started as a delightful hobby, a passion project that blossomed into something extraordinary. In mid-2021, armed with genuine love for creating magical experiences, I became a certified wedding and event planner. With the invaluable support of the House of Anubis Management firm, I turned my dreams into a full-fledged business venture.

Beyond my love for crafting dreamy events, I'm a proud mother of three incredible children. Being able to witness their growth and experience the wonders of life firsthand is a gift I cherish every day.

Thriving Flames was born with a singular purpose—to ensure that everyone has a moment in their life that is not just special but absolutely heartwarming and wonderful. I'm here to dedicate myself to your vision and champion your dreams. For most, I become a cherished presence on the biggest days of their lives—a reliable, supportive, and friendly face amidst the crowd, there just for you.

My mission? To infuse every event I plan with happiness, provide peace of mind, and sprinkle in a generous dose of love. Let's embark on a journey together, creating moments that will linger in your hearts forever. Your dreams are worth it, and I can't wait to bring them to life!

With joyous anticipation,